German anti-terror laws – it’s getting silly now!

Today the German Cabinet passed a law that allows federal police to observe private computers and living space using illegal tools – no judical resolution required. This is against the German Constitution (Grundgesetz) but nevertheless they finally decided to restrain our right, just to protect us. This really reminds of American conditions, where people already live under a general suspicion. Now it seems, we finally made it too. All telecomunication data is stored for at least 6 months to track and record what people do.
This is, at the moment, only a counterterrorism act, but experience shows, once you have a tool like that, you slightly change the wording from “terrorist” to “criminal” and “threat” to “delict” … and here we go, a tool to track every filesharer . Weiterlesen

Extremism-Check as an acceptance-test

Some students at all Universities in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) now have to fill in a questionnaire asking for their relation to terrorism, Al-Qaida and fundamentalism. A decree forces Unis now to ask their ‘Muslim’ students to do that. Apart from the fact that only students with an islamic background are forced to do that (well they are not forced, this is a voluntary thing, but mandatory to get a stay permit), which makes the whole undertaking discriminatory to the core, does the Ministry of the Interior really think, they tick the YES-box behind the question: ‘Are you a member of terrorist organisation?’? Weiterlesen